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Quickteller Nigeria: Send Money, Receive Western Union Money Transfer, Pay DSTV and GoTV Subscription bills Via Quickteller

Quickteller is a consolidated payment scheme that offers cardholders convenience and the ability to carry out ATM transactions other than cash withdrawals. It was launched by Interswitch Nigeria’s premier electronic transaction switching and payment company.

Are you an educated Nigerian that knows how to use the Internet both on your phone and laptop and you still go to the ATM to withdraw money to send to someone? I think you are really on wrong path. I have good news for you, after reading this post, don't ever go to the bank/ATM except you need to withdraw money or deposit physical cash. 

In this post, i will be explaining some of the things you can do with and also show you how to successfully make payment on quickteller.

Quickteller: the easiest way to buy airtime, make payments, send and Receive Western Union Money Transfer, Pay DSTV and GoTV Subscription bills
Things You Should Know About Quickteller and Why You Should Use Quickteller
1. Quickteller is good; i have been using it to transfer money to friends, family member, help some of my friends to pay for their DSTV/GOTV subscription, etc.

2. With Quickteller you can buy recharge card, that's the one i enjoy most, you know those times you are making those important calls and then MTN/GLO/ETISALAT breaks your heart "You have 1 minute left". It can be very annoying.

3. Please before you even start using Quickteller; make sure your ATM card is activated for online transactions. All Bank ATM cards have to be activated and you don't have to go into the bank, you can activate the card using an ATM machine.

4. When you are transferring money from one account to another, they charge 100 naira since it is instant transfer. No additional charges when buying recharge card. You can register for their virtual verve card using this short code *322# . Other information you will need is within the App.

Features of Quickteller
  • Quickteller is one of the leading online money transfer service in Nigeria.
  • Quickteller has built much trust for safe.
  • Quickteller is fast and reliable online transaction.

There are so many features i can't even start listing here, it is left to you to discover it yourself.

Advantages of using Quickteller
Some of the advantages of using Quickteller are;
  • Inter/Intra Bank transfer (100 naira per transaction)
  • Airtime Top-up
  • OTP(One-Time Password)
  • Internet Subscription Top-up
  • Bill payment (PHCN, Water bill, Flight booking, Hotel Booking, etc)
  • You can even use quickteller without internet connection (Verve eCash)
How to Register to and make payment Online.
1. All you just need is either a phone or a laptop and Internet connection (obviously). If you are using a phone just go to your App store and download the App and then Register and start using right away.

2. To be able to use Quickteller service, you need to complete quickteller sign up form on Follow up all the procedures. After the sign up you can sign in to your account any time any day and transact your business without fear.

How To Pay Your PHCN bills using Quickteller
1. With Quickteller you can now pay your PHCN Bills (i.e NEPA bills) from the comfort of your home (You can pay for Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, Ibadan Post paid zone and all zone within Nigeria). Use Quickteller now and save yourself from PHCN embarrassment of none payment of your Light Bills (i.e NEPA Bills). 

2. With Quickteller you will never go to PHCN (i.e NEPA) office again and they will never disturb you again for PHCN bills. 

Pay PHCN bills using Quickteller
Follow the below instructions and you will smile when next PHCN official come your home.
  • Visit quick teller website from Here
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Enter the amount of money you want to pay
  • Click on continue and follow the next steps to finish your transaction.

How To Your Pay DSTV and GoTV Subscription bills on and ATM machines
Quickteller offers you the opportunity to easily pay for you dstv bill right from your dining table. With quick-teller you will no longer be cut off in the middle of fun while enjoying your favorite Tv program on DSTV or GoTV. Follow the guidelines below and subscribe your Dstv and GoTV decoder smart card today.

1. How To Your Pay DSTV Subscription bills on and ATM machines
Pay DSTV Subscription bills on and ATM machines
  • Visit quickteller website from Here or use this short code *322# on your mobile phone.
  • Follow all the instructions.
  • Enter your DSTV smart card details on the box provided for it on the website.
  • type in your email address
  • enter your mobile phone number
  • Enter the account you want to pay and and click on continue.

2. How To Your Pay GoTV Subscription bills on and ATM machines
Pay GoTV Subscription bills on and ATM machines
  • For GoTV subscriptions click Here and follow the instructions.
1. With Quickteller you can send and receive money through qucikteller
2. Buy airtime from your bank account balance
3. With Quickteller, you can pay for your shopping fee, Book Hotels online in Nigeria, and other Africa Countries (e.g South Africa, UAE, Ghana, Ethiopia, etc) and lots more.
4. With quick-teller service you will no longer worry much about the safety and security of your cash.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated to Quick-teller. All the information on this post is just for educational purpose.

In my next post, I will teach you How To Be A Quick Teller Paypoint Agent And Start Making Cool Money.

If you have any question on how to make payment with quickteller website or Short code kindly comment on the box below.

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