Wednesday, 3 August 2016

UPDATED! New Working Server For Airtel Unlimited Surfing With N0.0 Via Tweakware Updated Version 3.0 & v1.6

Let me give you another trick or way to make the Airtel 0.0k work well without disconnection, via tweakware updated version 3.0 and v1.6, which you can get from Playstore. 

Let me go straight to point, no waste of time before Airtel will suspend or block.

1. Download the tweakware updated version 3.0 or Tweakware Mod v1.6 via playstore and install it.

Note: Choose free server as region then connect and feel the download speed, if you don’t have premium account...

2. Once installed, click on Logs and then Handler Menu.

3. It will ask you for a child lock code. The child lock code is cdce.imishiro.032990. Copy and paste it to unlock the Handler Menu. Configure the Settings to suite your plan and save it. 

4. Then choose bundle settings ==> tick airtel 0.0k

5. scroll down to where u see primary config value, you will see Proxy server, then type in ==>
Port = 80

6. Save it and Click on Home to select the free server 1 

Enjoy it while it last.

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