Sunday, 31 July 2016

Let Me Design Your Website Using Ogbongeblog Template

Greetings to you my wonderful and regular blog reader. I must say that I really appreciate your regular visit to my website. My God will continue to Bless and Protect you.

Recently I decided to redesign my blog to look responsive, Premium, good looking, charming and attractive. I was able to achieve that, although it cost me to achieve what I want. What is my greatest happy? That i was able to get exactly what I want. Today, I have decided to put same Happiness to your face.

If you love the current design of my blog, I can set up same design for your blog. After I got the raw Ogbongeblog Template, I personally retweaked and re-customize my template to my taste using html, css and javascript.

Save yourself the stress of redesigning a default blogger template or downloading anyhow new template and start to redesign it. Let me get it done for you. Ogbongeblog template is a good SEO template.

What are the Features you will get in Your Website Using Ogbongeblog Template?
Below are the features:
==> Features a home page with "auto" read more,and post thumbnail
==> Features numbered posts navigation
==> Can easily be changed to feature left and right sidebars with post area in the center
==> Can easily change width of sidebars, post area etc via Blogger Template designer
==> Can easily change template color via Blogger template designer
==> Works perfectly with Template designer custom css functionality
==> Custom mobile view looks awesome
==> Can easily display ad banners, related posts etc on mobile view
==> Can displays ads almost anywhere in the template; above logo, below logo, inside posts etc

This is how your blog/website will look, after I finished the setup for you.
My Blog( Current Look.

With a Left and Right Sidebar, in different colours of your choice, as seen below.
With a Left and Right Sidebar

What did I need from you to do this Job for you or How Much will it Cost You?
It will cost you just N8,000 ( $20 ). You can pay for it online, via western union or by direct bank deposit. Click here to contact me or use the comment box below to contact me.

My Bonus To You
==> Once I finished setting up your blog, and you notice there are some features on my blog that are not on yours; let me know, I will fix that for you for FREE.
==> I will definitely keep record of the email address and blog URL you submit after purchase as they will be required for the FREE edits.
==> You will have some Commission by referring bloggers to get this design from me. Just Mail me at if interested.

I assure you that all Blogger tweaks and tips will work perfectly using this template.

I know you've got questions to ask, please relay them via comments box below.


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