Saturday, 2 July 2016

GTB Now Introduce GTBank Corporate Dollar Card

Recently, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) introduced the GTBank Corporate Dollar Card, a card designed to conveniently satisfy the needs of your corporate expenditure anywhere in the world on ATM, POS or Online.

The GTB Corporate Dollar Card can be used in your organization in the following ways:
  1. Travel expenses which include: Air Ticket bookings, Hotel Reservations, Travel Insurance and Car rentals.
  2. Staff Allowances such as: Estacode, Per diem allowance paid for staff for official trips
  3. Training, Seminars & conferences – Expenses incurred while attending international events
  4. Other Offshore Corporate Payments – Recurring international payments (Certifications, subscriptions, corporate gift items, vendor payments and office supplies)

Features & Benefits
Below are Features and Good Benefits Of GTBank Corporate Dollar Card

  1. There is no annual international spending limit on your card.
  2. The GTBank corporate card is denominated in Dollars (available in Visa and MasterCard variants)
  3. You can monitor card transactions, make payments and transfer funds online 24/7 via GTBank’s Automated Payment System (GAPS)
  4. The card can be personalized with the name of the personnel or department printed across the card.
  5. The card is valid for 2years
  6. Funds must be transferred from your corporate domiciliary account to each corporate card account which is a sub account opened for your personnel/department’s card transactions.
  7. The GTBank corporate card can be issued in the name of any company personnel or department of your choice and funded simply by an online transfer from the corporate account to the card account.
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To learn more about the corporate dollar card, its uses in your organization or to apply for a card, kindly contact GTB through their email

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