Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Some Funny Nigerian Abbreviations

Indeed they are very funny, after reading some of the funny names here, you will definitely laugh. Please is just for fun. If you have more, please feel free to use the comment box below to drop it.

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Below are Some Funny Nigerian Abbreviations
NAIRA - Never Allow Idiots Rule Again.
PHCN -  Problem Has Changed Name.
HAUSA - House Animals Using Seat of Authority.
IMO - Igbos Must Overcome.
BAT - Bolaji Ahmed Tunubu.
APC - Association of Past Criminals.
NYSC - Now Your Struggles Continue.
GLO - Get Lovers Online.
PDP - People Deceiving People.
PHD - Pull Him Down.
MTN - Maintain Total Nonsense.
WEEK - Women's Education Ends in Kitchen.
ABACHA - After Babangida Another Criminal Has Arrived.

GSM - General Street Madness.
NEPA- Never Expect Power Always.
PHCN - Please Hold Candle in Nigeria.
KOBO - Kill Obasanjo Before Others.
FANTA - Foolish Ashawo Never Takes Advice.
RICE - Rangers International Club of Enugu.
BUHARI - Bring Unnecessary Hardship Among Reasonable Igbos.
LONDON - Ladies of Nowadays Depend On Naria.

Add yours, let roll down…….

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