Sunday, 5 June 2016

See the Woman Who Stole Two Children to Satisfy Her Lover

A woman, Zainab Salisu, has been arrested for stealing two children just to impress her lover, Vanguard has reported. Zainab, the two children and her lover after their arrest.

She had told her excited husband that she had a set of twins for him, but confessed at the Lagos state police command, Ikeja that she actually stole the children after discovering she had a miscarriage.

Explaining how the entire incident happened, Saheed Akinwale, Zainab’s lover and father of three, said he met the woman last year after which she told him she was pregnant and needed money to go give birth in the United States of America.

He said he assisted her with N250,000.

“While she was outside the country, she kept calling me with a private number. I never suspected that she was in Nigeria, or that she never had a child.
“Three weeks ago, she called that she was back in the country and I went to her place to see the twins she claimed were mine.
“I am innocent. I know nothing about this crime,” he said at the police command where he was paraded with Zainab.

In her confession, Zainab said: “I stole Feyitola because I had miscarriage and I did not want my lover, Saheed Akinwale, who gave me N250,000 to process my travelling documents to the United States, where I told him I was going to deliver the baby, to find out the truth.”
“I did not steal Philip (the second child). His mother died four months after his birth and his father, who is my uncle, asked me to take care of him.

“It was after I stole Feyitola that I told Akinwale that I had come back to the country with the twins.”

The two children were rescued by operatives of the Lagos state Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (SCIID) in Yaba, Lagos.

Feyitola Lawal was reportedly abducted on May 16 by Zainab after she became friends with the family.

She had reportedly introduced herself to the baby’s grandmother as the owner of a poultry farm and would love to supply eggs.

Relating her side of the story, the 25-year-old mother of the stolen baby, Lawal Damilola said she met Zainab at her mother-in-law’s shop.
She said the abductor had claimed to be new to the area and needed a church where she would be worshipping.

“My mother in-law directed her to our church and on Sunday, she came to worship. She came back to the shop two days later.
“This time, she said her children wanted to celebrate their birthday and that she was to buy souvenirs, pleading that I should accompany her. I carried my baby and we went to Justrite supermarket.

“She said she did not find any souvenir that she liked. Later, she offered to help me carry Feyitola and then disappeared with my baby.”
Spokesperson of the police in Lagos, Dolapo Badmus, said the law enforcement agents acted immediately the case of child abduction was reported.

Cases of abduction, especially of kids, have recently been on the increase in Nigeria with various groups warning parents to be very careful with their wards.

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