Sunday, 19 June 2016

How To Enjoy MTN Free 2GB Using Psiphon vpn, Sypon Shield, ProNET

To enjoy your free 2GB data on Android Devices, you need to tweak your phone imei to a Blackberry device imei, after that you also need Psiphon vpn to power it up.

How can I get the MTN Free 2GB??
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Note: You can repeat the process to accumulate it.

How To Enjoy MTN Free 2GB Using Psiphon vpn
1) Download and install Sypon Shield, ProNET, or Psiphon Handler to your phone.

2) Tweak your Android imei to any of the below Blackberry imei

3) Once you are through with above steps, configure your Psiphon vpn as show below.

4) Create New APN settings on your phone as follows:
» Open your phone settings > Go to more > Go to mobile network > Go to access point names > Select MTN, Then create new APN and configure as shown below:
» APN:
» Proxy:
» Port: 8080
» Save And Activate it as your default settings

5) Then Launch Sypon Shield or Psiphon Handler, in the handler menu:
» Remove Port: make sure you untick/unmark it
» Proxy type: Real Host
» Proxy server: @ or
» Real Proxy Type: HTTP
» Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”.

6) Click on the option tab
» Region: select, USA or any other server
» Select more option, as it was indicated in the screenshot below
» Check “Connect through an HTTP Pro” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as.
» Host address:
» Port: 8080

7) Save and Click Connect.

That is all, enjoy it while it last.

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