Saturday, 21 May 2016

How To Use MTN 2GB Free BB Plan On Android Phone Using Pronet VPN

Mtn is doing everything possible to make their millions of subscribers happy. It is no longer news about the new MTN free BB plan called the MTN Blackberry VSF Plan which gives Whooping sum of 2GB data to All Subscribers for Free. This new MTN Blackberry VSF Plan which gives Whooping sum of 2GB data to All Subscribers for Free has been Tested and confirmed working very well.

How to Activate MTN 2GB for Free
Dial *444#, reply 2, reply 4, reply 2 and reply 1.

How can i enjoy MTN Blackberry VSF Plan on my Android Phones??
To use it on your Android device..., 1st root your phone.
  1. How To Root Any Android Phone
  2. How To Root Andriod Device And The Reason Why You Need To

After rooting your Android phone, follow settings below to configure your Android phone.
1. Download Pronet VPN By clicking here

2. Use the settings below to configure your Pronet VPN
>> Untick Remove Port
>> Proxy type - Real host
>> Proxy server- @
>> Real Proxy type:http

3. Click save
>> Select any country of your choice e.g Singapore, UK or Japan
>> Click ProNet Options
>> Mark "Connect through an HTTP Proxy"
>> Enable or Choose " Use the following Settings"
>> Host Address :
>> Port : 8080

4. Now Go back and connect.

How to Use MTN Free 2GB On PC
Simply tether your Pc from Your Phone thats all.
See how to Tether/Connect your Phone to Pc  As Modem On YourComputer To Browse internet and 
How To Turn Your Windows Pc/Laptop Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

That all……Enjoy your MTN free 2gb on your Android phone using Pronet VPN.

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