Thursday, 5 May 2016

How To Enjoy Free Facebook with Airtel SIM

This is awesome news for Facebook lovers, especially for those on the Airtel network.
Airtel has officially introduced Facebook free browsing for users on the Airtel network.

You can now enjoy free Facebook browsing on your device with Airtel network, No need to subscribe for any Facebook plan. This Facebook Airtel free browsing works both on Pc and Mobile devices and is a direct connection no any VPN or tweaking required.

How To Start Enjoy Facebook Free Browsing With Airtel Network
Surfing the Facebook interface for free on the Airtel network iz quite easy, just follow the steps below:
>> Grab your Airtel sim card and insert it in your device
>> On your internet Data
>> Open your browser

>> Instead of logging into Facebook with the traditional URL, Goto your browser and type as your url address and start accessing your facebook account for free.

That's all, you can now surf the entire Facebook platform for FREE!!!

Note: The free version of Facebook surfing does not display pictures. However, if you feel you must view a picture, you can always click to view, though viewing pictures would attract data charges.

Enjoy while it last. Drop your comment on how you see this!!!

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