Friday, 29 April 2016

How To Backup Your Andrid Phone Data on Your PC

Many phones running Android OS did not have an assistant to help backup and restore contents like contacts, call logs, SMS, music, movies, photos and even applications. It is very important for all Android phone users to back up their phone contents to computer. By doing this, they can keep and restore all Android data from the computer whenever the original one get deleted or lost during the process of formatting SD card, resetting to factory data or rooting phone, etc.

So, how can we backup and restore Android data to a computer? There are different ways to do this…
Option 1. Use a Backup App
There are a lot apps on play store to use for this..Apps like..GCloud, Backup, Helium, Dropbox which I use very well..

Option 2. Back Up Piece-by-Piece (mostly free)
Here it goes like this…
I. Apps, Contacts, Email, Calendar, and Settings (using Google as the backup source)
1. Go to Settings > Privacy.
2. Tick two boxes: Back up my settings and Automatic restore.
3. Go to Settings > Account & sync.
4. Select Google.

5. Tick the boxes: Sync Contacts, Sync Gmail, Sync Calendar
By so doing this all your Contact will be backed up on google servers and any android device you might want use later you can retrieve all your data.

Option 3. Drag and drop. Backup photos from your Android the traditional way. Connect your phone to your computer via USB, set it in Disk Mode and locate the drive (on the desktop for Mac, in My Computer for Windows). Open the drive, find the DCIM folder, and drag the photos you’d like to backup onto your hard drive.

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