Thursday, 28 January 2016

How To Get AdSense Second Stage Fully Approved

After a new application is submitted, Adsense will begin with preliminary checks on the site and the applicant’s submitted details. If the application passes through this first stage, they will notify you (the applicant) by email, grant them account access, and provide them with ad code to place on their submitted site. It’s essential at this stage for the applicant to place the ad code on their site, as the review process can’t be completed until the ad code is implemented.

With mail stating 'Welcome to AdSense - your application has been successfully reviewed. Now create your first ad unit and place the ad code on to fully activate your account (and more)' after qualifying the first step of the approval, now in this meantime you will be able to successfully log in to your AdSense account. After logging in to your account you will notice a red banner stating 'Your AdSense application is still under review. You will only see blank ads until your account has been fully approved or dissaproved'.

The 2nd step verification takes quite time as compared to the first step, because in this time span Google checks your contents, page-views and lots of the other details listed in their policies.

The second step takes 2 days or a week maximum (6 days or maybe more), starting from the date when you implement the generated ad code to your website. For those who didn't received any mail from the AdSense team related to the approval even after 6 days or more may have done something wrong, just read the following mentioned steps so that you may correct the mistakes made(if any). So lets start from the beginning,

How can i get my Google AdSense second step approved?
Note: The following methods stated are for the blogger.

STEP 1:-
 Login to your Adsense account, click on Generate Ad code, click on New Ad and generate Ad of your choice.

STEP 2:- Copy the ad code (Asynchronous) from your AdSense account which is under review.

STEP 3:- Now login to your blogger account and click 'Layout'.

STEP 4:- Hit the 'Add Gadgets' and browse for the 'HTML/JavaScript' , just add those copied codes inside the box(body), you can leave the title as blank or write 'Ads' etc according to your wish.

STEP 5:- Now place the gadget anywhere inside the layout (I recommend to place the gadget at Sidebar or under the blog post).

Now you are done.

1. This second step takes 2 days or a week maximum (6 days or maybe more), starting from the date when you implement the generated ad code to your website.

2. While in between the time gap for the 2nd approval, you should not stop posting articles on your blog, just post at least 2 articles a day that's all. Also check these: Go to the blogger dashboard. click the earning section. - Make sure that 'Show ads in blog' should be turned off, that is hit 'No' and click the 'save settings'. Because, while in the 2nd stage of the approval we just want the crawlers to get that code only, that we implemented (above) from your AdSense account which is still under review. You can later on choose 'yes' after getting approved completely and opt for where to display your Ads.

I believe my experience with Google Adsense inspires you. I wish you good luck in your Adsense application.


  1. Hello admin,
    I just did as per your instruction. Follow every step google said to do, but it has been almost two weeks now, I haven't got any confirmation of the second step approval.
    What do you think I've been missing that till now no approval yet.
    my website is I am from indoonesia.
    Thank you for your answer.

    1. Just hold on and pray always, i believe you will get successful reply soon. Let me know when is done.

  2. Great information. I will try implementing some of them though I have bought an account from some else.

    1. Please try and make sure you let me know the outcome. Thanks for visiting my site.


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