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Steps On How to Make Money On Fiverr

Before implementing the steps in making money on Fiverr, you have to ensure that you have already created your Fiverr account. Making money on fiverr is easier than you think, at least in small quantities. There are a lot of opportunities for someone who knows how to do things, in fact anything can be monetized online. is a website that can help you make money by using your skills and where anyone can offer their services to anyone else for $5.

How can I Join Fiverr?
You can join for free and all you have to do is to go directly over at the website ( and sign up.

Also, you can use the new feature provided by Fiverr which means you can sign up using Facebook Connect. Simply sign up with Fiverr by using your existing Facebook account.

Once you have signed in, you are now a part of the Fiverr community and you can now create and post your own gigs and make money.

Consequently, for you to make money on Fiverr, you can consider these step by step ideas to make your gigs popular and sellable.

Knowing Your Skills
Remember that your skills are your investment in creating and selling a gig at Fiverr. This is the reason why you need to identify your strengths and your skills. This means that you have to know your best abilities in making just about anything.

You don’t need to be a graduate in college or in any university here. All you have to do is to bring out your best skills and make a gig. As an example:
• You have a good voice – Offer a song using your skills in singing.
• You are expert in drawing and painting – Offer your skills in drawing using pencil, water color, paint brush and etc.
• You are an expert in any video making – Offer videos that will benefit customers or make videos for them.
• You are an expert in computer graphics – Offer graphics designing for their web page.

These are just some of the examples of the skills you have and you can surely use these abilities to earn you more than $5 at Fiverr.

Note: Always remember that knowing your strengths in creating your gigs can be identified once you have started implementing it. In this way, you already have your own unique gig to offer at Fiverr and people who are interested in your “Fiverr masterpiece” will greatly reward you.

Moreover, you have to make sure that the gigs you have created using your skills should also be implemented within a time frame. This is to provide you and the client a better relationship.

If in the case you don’t know when to start in creating your gigs, you can browse over at Fiverr and look search for relevant ideas in which you can use as your reference in creating your own gigs.

However, you have to make sure that your gigs are unique in a way that you don’t have any competition over at Fiverr.

How to Post a Gig
First, you need to figure out which services you can offer. Perhaps you have a good voice and can offer to create short audio ads. Maybe you have a good appearance and want to provide video reviews about any products the buyer requires.

Many people go to fiverr hoping to outsource some tasks related to their websites such as link building, webpage design, WP install, etc, for a very affordable price, of course because everything is sold for only 5 bucks!!

Not only website related products/services, but you can also find various different products/service since there is almost no limitation, just use your imagination, and if you find something that you think could attract peoples interest then you can sell it there!

Remember that in posting your gigs, you can start by using the phrase “I will”. Some examples of the gigs that you can create and can be posted over at Fiverr can be:

- “I will write and sing a romantic love letter for your girlfriend/boyfriend and post it on your Facebook account for $5”.
– “I will pray over to you online and be healed for $5”.
– “I will write notes, quotes, and even love letters for you in 6 different languages for $5”.
– “I will compose any type of song for you and send it over at YouTube for $5”.
– “I will make a birthday cake for your pet dog made from dog food for $5”.
– “I will predict your future using my Feng Shui expertise for $5”

Let me show you more Fiverr gigs, maybe you will get some inspiration before you even start.

“I will design a unique logo of your business for #5”
“I will paint you in fine arts for $5”
“I will draw you as a cartoon for $5”
“I will teach you how to be a DJ for $5”
“I will design a website for you for $5”
“I will write 500 unique articles for you for $5”

And some funny and bizarre ones
“I will hold your message in front of the Taj Mahal for $5”
“I will sing happy birthday for you with bubbles in my bathtub bath for $5”
“I will dance to 2 minutes of any song of your choice in a hot dog costume for $5”
“I will send you sand from the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean for $5”
“I will send you five beautiful chicken feathers for craft for $5”
“I will tell you what to do with your money for $5”
‘I will throw something at my sister for $5”
Some gigs are funny, aren’t they, but I got to tell you these guys are making money from these gigs and what does that tell you? It tells you that anybody can offer anything on Fiverr and make money. The beauty of it all is that, signing up with Fiverr is completely free.

Remember that prior to posting your gigs; you have to create your very own gig. This means that you have to be creative in a way that online visitors will be interested to what you offer to them.

Another excellent point you have to remember here is to focus on your specific niche. In this way, customers will directly go over at your website (if in case you have one) and check some of your sample gigs.

Besides this, you also have to have an excellent portfolio. This is an important factor customers would consider since they will determine your authority over at Fiverr and your gigs in a professional way.

The success of Fiverr has drawn interest for other sites to follow its footsteps, and now there are so many sites on the internet offering the same service. Gickbucks, Tenbux, Dealerr and Uphype are some of them. Not exactly like Fiverr, in these similar sites usually you can offer products/services for more than $5.

With the growing of such online marketplace, we can see a business opportunity here. Now you dont have to be an expert in networking or becoming an internet geek to earn some extra earnings from the internet.

Internet newbies who have been struggling to get extra income online without any results now have a great opportunity to make big bucks.

Big bucks? Is it possible from this $5/gig marketplace? Of course! If you can get a decent income from a $0.10 per click AdSense what makes you think you cannot make good money from a $5/gig marketplace?

Everything has its own way towards glory, if you really know what to do then $100/day from these sites is not an impossible thing to achieve.

Maybe you’re good at drawing, and you can offer to draw cartoon characters for people. Any skill that’s worth around $5 can be advertised, as long as it can be delivered. They even allow for products to be shipped by mail, although the vast majority of the Fiverr users buy services that can be done over the Internet. It’s much easier and faster to do.

Once you know what services you can do, you can then create yourself an account and add these services, called “gigs”. You can add any number of gigs you want, and you should add as many as you can, featuring all your skills, because you never know what will be in demand.

When you create a gig, you have to put in a description, a message for buyers as to what you require to complete the gig, and an optional image and video. It’s highly suggested that you add both an image and, if applicable, a video, because it makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

Also, when you put in your image, make sure it’s something that’s related to the type of fiverr review or gig you offer. You should remain professional and not try to mislead potential buyers.

A great benefit of Fiverr is that you’re always sure to be paid. While the site itself does take a $1 fee on every transaction, leaving you with $4, you always know that as long as you deliver the service, you will be paid.

Then, the buyer can leave a positive or negative review. Having a good score is crucial so that others will buy services from you, so you need to do a good job on each order. Also, if you offer gigs in less than 24 hours, you can be classified as an “Express” gig, which will bring you more clients.

Making money on Fiverr is a great stepping stool for multiplying your earnings into other projects, but probably won’t make you rich, although there are people who get hundreds of clients on that site. But it is a good way to make some extra income. You can advertise your Fiverr gigs on a forum or email signature, and point people there to get services from you.

Also of note is the fact that there are many clone sites that have appeared, doing the same thing as Fiverr but for different amounts, like $10 or $25, but Fiverr seems like it’s still the most popular out there.

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