Friday, 4 December 2015

How to Access Mobile Websites Using Your Desktop Browser On PC

There are some websites/blogs which cannot open on PC, until you install some extensions or emulators on your PC. I never know such trick work well until I did it and it worked for me, today I can open any type of websites/blogs on my Laptop. This is very simple, you will just have to install User Agent Switcher to your PC desktop browser.
Changing your user agent can also be used for other purposes. For example, you could set your browser’s user agent to Googlebot and bypass the occasional newspaper paywall or use an Internet Explorer-only website without being redirected.

How to Setup a Mobile User Agent
1. To change your user agent, locate the User Agent Switcher extension icon on your browser’s toolbar, click it, and select a mobile user agent in the list.

2. You may need to add the User Agent Switcher icon to Firefox’s toolbar after installing it. To do so, right-click the toolbar, selects Customize, and drag and drop the User Agent Switcher icon onto Firefox’s toolbar.

Note: You can also install either User-Agent Switcher for Chrome or User Agent Switcher for Firefox, depending on which browser you use. For Internet Explorer, you may want to try the UAPick User-Agent Switcher add-on.

3. Refresh the page you are currently on (click the Refresh icon on the toolbar or just press F5) and you will see its mobile version. You can access other websites and you will see their mobile versions for as long as your user agent is set to a mobile user agent.

To undo or go back to your formal webpage view “Select the Default User Agent option”.
If you would rather enter a user agent string manually, you can find them on websites like the Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings website.

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