Friday, 18 December 2015

HOT!! MTN BBLITE 5GB Plan with Simple Android Server – Get 5GB with N70 on MTN

Recently, some of my blog readers complained that the New MTN BB10 Lite Plans (Unlimited Browsing On Android and PC with just #70 on MTN) is not working perfectly, unlike when it came out new. At first i disagreed with them, I tried it and found is true. I have to figure out what is actually the problem and luckily i was able to get the solution online from a friend blog.

I followed up the instructions and procedures. Luckily, I was able to fix it and get it to work back again. Today, I want to share with you the same procedures and steps I took to get back my MTN BBLITE 5GB Plan with Simple Android Server to work back flawlessly again. All thanks to Steven.

If you are having the issue or problem with your BBLITE Simple Server on Android, follow up or read this post very well to get it fixed.

Note Also: For you to o enjoy the new Simple Android Server fully, especially this new proxy tunneling feature that doesn't require you to use AutoProxy, ProxyDroid etc. It is advisable to root your device first. Here are the methods you can use to root different devices ==>>

Here's how to Fix your MTN BBLITE 5GB Plan and Simple Android Server to work back flawlessly again.
Follow the Steps below

First Step: Navigate to your Access Point Settings and create a new access point with the following details -
Name - Simple Android Server

Proxy -
Port - 8080
If you have the settings before, move to the next step.

Second Step: Navigate to Google PlayStore to Download Simple Android Server or Download it Here.

Third Step: After downloading it, open Google PlayStore on your phone and navigate to Simple Android Server to see if there is still any update, if you see the update button there, click it to update your Simple Android Server (SAS). If not, that means your SAS is up to date.

Step Four: Launch the Simple Android Server App and fill the settings with the following
1. Set Connection => Select Local Server.

2. Profile => Leave it to the default Profile 1. No need to change anything.

3. General Settings => PROXY SETTINGS
 * Enable Proxy - Yes
 * Proxy Host -
 * Proxy Port - 8080
 * Enable Injection - Yes.
 * Host Replacement - ON
 * Injection Method - GET
 * Injection Query/URL -
 * Injection Host -
 * Injection Line - Tap Enter key four (4) times and select OK

4. VPN Settings => Don't touch it unless you've paid for it.

5. Local Server Settings =>

  * Listen Port - 8080 ADVANCED SETTINGS
  * Use Global Proxy => Yes (with this there is no need for AutoProxy or ProxyDroid but your device must be rooted).
  * Buffer Size - 8092
  * Concurrent Connections - 1000
  * Log Level -  NONE.

Final Step:  When you are done with the settings, subscribe to any of the BBLITE plans I shared with you, in one of my previous post. Turn on your data connection, start your Simple Android Server and your BBLITE Subscription + Simple Server and see how fast it work.

The steps are exactly what I did to get mine BBLITE Subscription + Simple Server working back. I'm sure it's going to work for you too, if you follow up the steps above.

Do you like this new Simple Android Server and is it working for you? If Yes or No, kindly drop me a comment through the comment box. Also, If you are facing any problem with the configuration, let me know.

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