Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Glo Now Increases Bonus Airtime in Overload Promo from 200% to 400%

Nigeria’s indigenous telecom powerhouse, Globacom, has repackaged its ongoing Overload promotion, increasing the instant bonus accruable to customers from 200 percent to 400 percent for any airtime recharge of N200 and above.

The Glo Overload promo, now called Glo Overload Reloaded, which is billed to produce N120 million has already produced 20 millionaires before the upgrade.

Previously, Glo Overload gave subscribers 200 percent bonus data for new data plan or renewal from N2000 and above. For instance, a subscriber who paid for data plan subscription of N3000 got 4.5GB of data. However, with Glo Overload Reloaded, a subscriber gets 4.5GB of data for data plan subscription or renewal of N2,500.

Benefits of Glo Overload Reloaded Promo
All subscribers needed to do to be entitled to 200 percent bonus airtime was to recharge their phone with airtime of N200 denomination and above.

With the Glo Overload Reloaded Promo, a subscriber who recharges with N200 will automatically get a total value of N1000. Airtime recharge of N500 will give the subscriber a total of N2,500 automatically; N1000 will give N5000; N2000 will give N10,000; and N5000 will give N25,000 value.

With the Glo Overload Reloaded Promo, Subscribers will be able to use their main credit to call any network at any time of the day and the bonus airtime for Glo to Glo calls and SMS between 10pm and 8am, depending on the validity period of the recharge denomination, which ranges from three to 20 days.

How can I enjoy Glo Bonus Airtime in Overload Promo? (from 200% to 400%)
To enjoy Glo Overload Reloaded dial *200# on your phone just once to opt in.

Get more details about Glo Overload Reloaded Promo

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