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A Simple Way To Activate OTG Feature On Infinix Hot 2

In my way of rendering help to my blog readers, I came across this nice and wonderful information from highteknology, for all Infinix Hot 2 users.

When you buy Infinix Hot 2, it came with the Android One OS (5.1.1), with inbuilt OS. The OTG support feature is deactivated and ordinarily attaching your OTG cable with a USB device to it will not work.

What is OTG?
OTG stands for On the Go and what that implies is that devices with OTG support USB On the Go. Meaning that with OTG supported devices you can easily use USB devices directly on them, USB devices like your flash drives, printers, scanners etc. without necessarily needing a PC to transfer your files, print and scan documents.

You need a compactable OTG cable for that and some companies even include these cables as part of accessories on your purchases for OTG supported devices or you can get them separately sold in the market.

In this post, you will learn how to enable the OTG support feature for Infinix Hot 2. After enabling your Infinix Hot 2 OTG support feature, you can start using your USB devices like mouse, gamepads, flash drives and host of other USB devices on the device. See Image below

How can i activate the OTG feature on my Infinx Hot 2?
Below is the simple way to activate the OTG feature on your Infinx Hot 2 on both the 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM variants of the phone;

You need to Flash an Android Lollipop (5.1) ROM into your Hot 2 or if you are not used to flashing of ROM into android devices by getting the required ROM img file and flashing with SP Flash Tool, you can opt for the alternative method of taking your device to Infinix Carlcare center and ask them to update the OS for you to Lollipop 5.1; they will be glad to do it for you instantly and free of charge.

Note: If you don’t know where the nearest Infinix Carlcare centre is located, you can use the Carlcare app on your device to locate one for yourself.

After flashing or updating to the required Lollipop (5.1) ROM, you will see that your Infinix Hot 2 will now support OTG and USB devices.

That all………………

Note: After this update, some other missing files and apps on your Hot 2 will be restored.


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