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How To Generate AdQuet Code To Add To Your Blog on Blogger

AdQuet is an online market place where advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will inturn return traffic to the advertisers. AdQuet Adserver pays you money for every valid click from your websites. After applying and getting AdQuet approved account, the next thing to do is to generate/create AdQuet Code to add to your blog. Just follow the steps below to generate/create AdQuet Code to add to your blog as a publisher.

It’s very easy to apply for AdQuet and get approval unlike Google AdSense.

How To Add AdQuet Code To Your Blog
1. Adding blog/site to AdQuet
(a) Login to your AdQuet publisher account to add the blog/site you wish to display AdQuet Ads. Make sure you fill the details accordingly, click on submit when you are through. Select a category that best describe your site/blog from the category section.

(b) After submitting your blog/site, it will take few minutes before it will change your blog/site status from pending to active. Relax, wait for a while and refresh the page.

2. Generating AdQuet Code To Add To Your Blog
(a) After your blog/site change status from pending to active, go back to where you selected your site in the previous step and select Ad code and then click on create to create your first AdQuet code. From the page that follows, fill the requirement the way it pleases you and select your favourite ads.

(b) After generating the AdQuet Ad Code, copy the code and add it to your blogger blog or WordPress. See AdQuet ad example below

(c) Login to your blogger account, go to Layout, click Add Gadget, choose Html/Java script, and paste the AdQuet Ad Code you copied and click Save. View your blog homepage to see for yourself. 

Note: To insert AdQuet Ad inside your blog post, use CTRL F to find <data:post.body/> and paste the AdQuet Ad Code you copied just after/under <data:post.body/> to display AdQuet Ad after your post title or before/on top of <data:post.body/> to display the AdQuet Ad before post title.

Image Source: thegeekiepedia

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