Sunday, 29 November 2015

How To Call Using A Private Number : A Simple Way To Hide Your Phone Number While Calling

I will make this short, easy and clear for your understanding. Did you want to hide your number from the business you're about to call, or don't want your friends knowing who's calling them? You can block your Caller ID information so that your number does not appear on the recipient's phone. You can do this by using a special prefix, contacting your carrier, or by using the features on your device.

There are options for keeping your phone number private. Here's what I recommend.

There are many reasons people see before they hide their number. E.g:
1. The person they seek to call refuses to pick.
2. To keep their number hidden and don’t disclose it to others.
3. They also hide numbers to scare their friends or play pranks with them e.t.c
How to Make Your Phone Number Private
Below are guild-lines that will enable you to hide your number when calling someone. To hide your number for all outgoing calls is quite easy. 

Step 1. Click on “Phone setting” in some phones it’s just “Settings”

Step 2. Under “Settings” click on “Phone”

Step 3. Under phone, simple click on “call settings”. You will be able to see (Show my caller ID or Send my Calller ID depending on your phone).

Step 5. Select NO under “Show my caller ID” Your number will automatically hide. When you send an outgoing call your name will not be shown on the receiver’s phone; rather it will only show “Private number”


Hide your number when making a single outgoing call by entering “#31#” before the receiver’s number. For example #31#0706xxxxxxx#

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