Friday, 9 October 2015

How to Take Control of your Credit Time Limit

Call tracker is a feature that enables mobile phone users to set the maximum time on outgoing calls. Once you set the call tracker feature on your mobile phone, the phone will query you on how long you want an outgoing call to last. The time set in the query determines the maximum time the preceding outgoing call would last. In this post, you will learn how to activate/set call tracker on your mobile phones.

Note: After setting up this trick, if your call does not last for the preset time you can still end the call using your end key. This trick works only on Nokia Phones. With call tracker, you can easily manage and control your call budget.

How to Activate/Set Call tracker feature
==> Press Menu soft key
==> Simply go to Settings, scroll down to cost settings menu option and click it.
==> Select call tracker option
==> Select Time tracker option
==> Press OK key

Whenever you dial a number your phone will display time limit, put the time you want the call to last (e.g 02:00 for 2minutes) and press OK.

Once the call reaches two minutes while making call, the call will automatically end.
E.g: Assuming you like making one-minute thirty seconds calls, then you can activate/set your call tracker this way; This is of the format mm:ss where mm is minute value and ss is seconds value.  To set 1 minutes 30 seconds call time simply enter 1:30 or 01:30 and press OK

Once you press OK, you will be informed of the maximum duration of the call after which the call is connected. Once the preset time is reached, the call will be ended automatically by the mobile phone. You can also end the call at any time by pressing the end key.

How to deactivate call tracker feature on Nokia 1200
==> Press Menu  key
==> Select Settings menu option
==> Select Cost settings settings menu option
==> Select Call trackers option
==> Select Off option

Note: This trick work perfectly on Nokia Phones.

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