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How to Make a Video Call on Mobile Phone

Regular phone calling allows you to make or hear only real-time voice calls or messages, but with video calling, you will experience real-time voice calls or messages and audio-visual experience too. With video calling you can see the person you are speaking with talk, move on the display of your phone, etc. This service enables two people with 3G phones to talk to each other while viewing real-time 2-way live video across the lines. 

Both you and the person calling you or you called, can show each other things and demonstrate.
Video calling service is available wherever the relevant network has 3G coverage, be it MTN, Etisalat, Airtel or Glo, etc. Video calling is an exciting service which gives you clear visual communication on your 3G enabled handsets which are enablers for video telephony.

Note: This service is only available within 3G coverage area and can only be used when both caller and recipient are within the 3G coverage area. It work only on 3G enable/configured phone.


With video calling, you can see face to face with the person you are talking with on the phone. The difference between making normal phone call and video call is only button -based.

How to Make a Video Call on Your 3G enable/configured Mobile Phone
1. Dial the number you wish to call.

2. After dialing the number you want to call, press the video call button instead of the voice call button. Some 3G- enabled phones have a dedicated video call button. See pics below
However, for some others, it is found after dialing the number and pressing "Options," or whatever is applicable.

3. Hold the phone in front of you to watch the screen. It is also possible for you to turn off the camera if you prefer not to be seen.

4. If you and your friend both have cameras and microphones set up, you'll be able to see and hear each other in real time.

Note: You need to purchase or have a 3G-enabled mobile phone that supports video calling. You must be in your network's 3G coverage area or higher to be able to make or receive video calls. No special activation is required before making a video call. A 3G symbol should always appear on the video phone when switched on.

How to Receive a Video Call
To receive a video call, you press the Accept Video button on the phone, when you have incoming video call.

Note: A video call cannot be put on hold to take an incoming call.

You can also Enjoy Free Video Calls To All Networks, if your phone is 3G enable phone.

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