Friday, 16 October 2015

How To Configure Your Nokia Phone for Streaming and Watch YouTube Videos

If you have Nokia multimedia mobile phone, you can enjoy Youtube or any live streaming videos like live tv on your Nokia mobile phone. For you to achieve it, all you need to do is to configure your mobile for streaming videos. If you try to run Youtube videos on your Nokia mobile phone without configuring your streaming setting, it will not work, you will get this message from media player 'Operation failed'.

So here is step by step procedure to configure your Nokia mobile phone for Youtube videos.
Note: This setting work both on s40 and s60 Nokia phone. Read and apply it to your phone.

Step by step procedure to configure Nokia mobile streaming setting
Step 1: Open Menu >> Go to Settings >> Configuration >> select personal configuration >> Select Options >> Add New and Select Streaming.

Account Name: Stream
UDP port range - 1024 - 65535 (By default you get this range)
Use Pref. Access point - Yes (If you already Configure your mobile for GPRS)

If you have not configured your phone for internet browsing, read this post on how to configure your phone for internet browsing, all network.

Now click back, and select stream and activate it using Option.

Step 2: Open Media Player of your Nokia Mobile phone
Select Options >> Select Downloads >> Streaming Setting >> Configuration >> Select personal configuration

Account - Select Stream (or the name you have given to Account name in step 1 above)

How to configure the streaming settings for RealPlayer on Nokia devices
1. Go to RealPlayer and select Options > Settings > Streaming > Proxy or Network.

2. To define access point select Network Default access point or the one you created.

Note: If your service provider use proxy server to speed up access to web pages that contain media files, select ProxyYes and insert the working IP address and port number of the proxy server.

This is all you need to set up in your mobile phone. Now open, browse select and play any video and enjoy.

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