Thursday, 29 October 2015

AdQuet for Publishers and Advertisers – Advertise and Make Money Online

Blogging without making money will inflict the thought of quitting into your mind and if you have applied for online paying site e.g Google AdSense and got rejected always, maybe due to lack of enough content, privacy policy or whatsoever, you can try other well paying site like AdQuet monetizing method. Today, we are sharing with you everything you need to know about AdQuet ads and how to apply for AdQuet and get you account approve within few minutes.

What Is AdQuet?
AdQuet Adserver is an online market place where advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will inturn return traffic to the advertisers. AdQuet has set out to rival Google AdSense when it comes to monetizing your blog and earn money directly to your bank account.

Advertisers just need to submit their ads and configure their target audience and budget using AdQuet Adserver advertiser account. Publishers need to generate adcodes of desired dimensions using AdQuet Adserver publisher account. Ad selling and traffic exchange are automatically handled by the highly sophisticated AdQuet Adserver platform.

AdQuet helps you manage your online advertising campaigns and achieve your business objectives, provides a complete digital advertising solution with our online & mobile contextual ad network, premium display advertising, and a rich set of social media advertising tools.

In summary: AdQuet is an ads serving network that let you earn from your site by placing their code with, below, above, sidebar or anyway on your content and get paid for any action completed by your blog visitor based on how AdQuet works.

AdQuet Adserver for advertisers
As AdQuet advertiser, you will Create your Pay Per Click (PPC) Text/Banner ads and generate top quality leads to your websites (i.e Keyword & geographic targeting). Your ads will be served in enormous publisher network thereby ensuring widespread reach for your online business. AdQuet advertiser can make their Payments using Paypal, 2co, check or bank.

AdQuet Adserver for publishers
As AdQuet publishers, you will Monetize your website traffic by placing adcodes from AdQuet Adserver, after generating the ads html code from your publisher account. AdQuet Adserver gives you money for every valid click from your websites.

Note: AdQuet is for both publishers and advertiser and as a blogger, you are referred to as a publisher but if you want to advertise your business on AdQuet, then at this time you will be regarded as a advertiser. At the same time, you can be publisher and advertiser on AdQuet. Even if you have AdSense running on your blog, you can still apply for AdQuet to have multiple stream online income.

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