Friday, 2 October 2015

A Simple Way to Reduce Data Consumption from WhatsApp Calls

Even though the availability of WhatsApp voice calls was an amazing thing for this IM, the users of the feature have often been complaining about the amount of data this feature uses. Although it depends on your connection and the location of the operator, WhatsApp voice calls consume a lot of mobile data, in some cases even reaching more than 600 kilobytes per minute. After reading this post, you will learn a simple way to reduce your WhatsApp Calls data consumption.

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To reduce the data used when making WhatsApp voice calls, here are the simple steps required to follow:
1. Download and install the latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.183 APK directly from the official website of the app here or from Google Play Store.

Note: Make sure you have removed the currently installed app and that the unknown sources are enabled via the security settings of your phone. This is so as to allow the Android apps coming from sources other than the Play Store to install on your phone.

2. After the installation and setting up of WhatsApp, launch it and head to the settings. Navigate to Chat settings and while in there, you’ll notice a new option marked as “Low data usage”, enabled the option. See Screenshoot below:

When this option is enabled, your WhatsApp will cut down on the amount of data packets it sends through the internet when a WhatsApp voice call is placed.

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That all……

Note: If you use WiFi, there’s no reason to worry, but if you use 3G or 4G connections, it’s typical to have a monthly data limit. So, if you regularly use WhatsApp for voice calls, it might be a good idea to enable this feature above, to reduce data consumption both on your device and the receiving device, as well.

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  1. wow! i can't believe it will work. Is working perfectly. Tnx Sir


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