Monday, 28 September 2015

How to Add or Enable Missing Hibernate Option in Window 7 Vista Start Menu

In my previous post, I shared with you on how to Enable Hibernate Mode in Windows 8 and 8.1 Power Menu. One of the most common problem in Windows, e.g Window 7 Vista, etc, is the missing "Hibernate " option in Start Menu. If you’ve found that your Hibernate option is missing from Windows Vista, it might be from running the disk cleanup wizard and removing the hibernate files.

This is due to a known bug in Vista that might not have been hotfixed already.

Turning it back on is very simple, but however, If you are also not getting the option, you can bring it back by following these simple steps:
1. Click on " Start button >> All Programs >> Accessories ". Right-click on "Command Prompt " and select " Run As Administrator".

Note: If you are prompted to enter password, enter the password you are using to lock your PC and continue. You can also open Command Prompt in Administrator mode by typing "cmd " in Start Menu Search box and press "Ctrl+Shift+Enter ".

2. Now provide any of following commands:
powercfg /hibernate on
powercfg -h on

3. Exit command prompt and Hibernate option should appear in Start Menu.

Each time you run Disk Cleanup, make sure to uncheck the option to clear hibernate files otherwise it'll again disable the hibernate feature in Windows and you'll not get the option in Start Menu.

Hopefully this method above will solve your problem. If Yes, kindly drop me a comment through the comment box and if you are facing any problem, let me know also.

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