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Top 5 Best Free PDF Converter Apps For Android Smartphone: Convert Document, Web Page to PDF File

Today, most of you use Smartphone and tablets to surf the web. There are times when you need to save a copy of a webpage. This is usually accomplished by bookmarking the webpage. There are several drawbacks with bookmarking a webpage. One of them is that you can only access the page when there is an Internet connection. 

Furthermore, there is the possibility that the page may go offline for whatever reason and may never come back.

These are some of the reasons why you would prefer to keep the contents of a webpage by storing it in a local file for offline reading. This article will tell how to save and convert web Page and document to PDF to avoid above problems. 

Below are Top 5 Web to PDF Converter Apps for Android

1. Web to PDF: Web to PDF is an app that generates PDFs from any webpage. The app has two main tabs, the Create and Browse tab. Tapping on the Create tab lets you input the URL of the website you want. At the upper right hand corner, you can find the Generate tab that can generate PDF. The Browse tab is where you can view the PDFs of the saved web pages. Long-tapping one of the PDFs offers you an option to open, send, rename or delete it.

2. Convert web to PDF: The Convert web to PDF app caters to you who want to convert any website to PDF for offline reading. Upon opening the app, you can see that there is a text field wherein you can input the URL you would want to convert to PDF. Pressing the Convert button will generate PDF files.

The upper right hand corner is that where you can find the Downloads and Settings icon, respectively. The Downloads screen is where all the PDFs of the web pages are stored. Long-tapping an item allows you to share, delete or open the file.

3. Website to PDF: Website to PDF app allows you to create a PDF from a webpage within your Android phone. Its user interface consists of a text field where you can paste the URL you want to save as PDF. In settings you can choose between letter or A4 paper size. Downloads button to show the PDFs generated. You have the option to open, share or delete an item by clicking on it.

The good thing about the app is that it gives you the ability to set file parameters for each PDF.

4. Web to PDF saver: As the name suggests, Web to PDF saver saves web pages to PDF for offline reading from your Android device. The app lets you input a URL which you want to save to PDF. It also allows you to select the destination directory of the PDF. Clicking the Save button converts the web page to PDF.

5. URLToPDF: URL to PDF is a feature-rich app. You input the URL and click on Convert button to generate the PDF. There is a wide array of configurations you can choose. These include the option to define PDF parameter such as background, table of contents, grayscale, quality, images, orientation and media print. You can also define headers such as page numbers, date, URL. User-Agent used for the conversion can be chosen as well. This User-Agent includes iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Plus, PDF files can be received by email.

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I hope this tutorial have helped you. If anyone fined any difficulty then don't be shy to make use of the comment box below.

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