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MTN BIS Working On Android Phone Via Simple Server: Browse & Download Unlimitedly on Your Android Phone with MTN; Just #70

Today, I will share with you on how you will be able to use MTN BIS on any Android Device. This trick rocks with simple server and AutoProxy installed on your Android Phone. Yeah, just continue reading this post as I explain to you how you can browse and download unlimitedly on your Android phone too, it doesn't matter if you are using a Tecno Phone, Infinix or Samsung, it's going to work on any Android Phone.
This is a season for jubilation as lots of freebies have been dished out from different Networks in Nigeria. I must say browsing the internet has been made easy by cheap data plans offered by Nigerian Telecommunication services.

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Now Let’s Go to the Topic of the day.

Things you need to use MTN BIS on any Android Device
1. Your Android Phone.
2. Simple Android Server.
3. AutoProxy

Procedures To Download and Install Simple Server Settings and AutoProxy for Android and Browsing
1. Download Simple Android Server and Autoproxy 
here ==> SimpleAndroidServer  | Autoproxy

2. Navigate to your Access Point Settings and create a new access point with the following details-  
To Create a new APN for Simple Server
Go to “Settings” > “All Settings” > “More” > “Mobile Networks” > “Access Point Names”> Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner to open the options and select “New APN” and edit it as follows
               Name - Simple Server or SS BIS
               APN -
               Proxy -
               Port – 8080

Leave the other options and tap on the 3 dots again to open, tap to “Save”. Save the settings and activate it but don't turn on your data.

3. Install the Simple Android Server you downloaded in step 1, open it and configure it as follows-
              Listen Port - 8080
              Proxy Host -
              Proxy Port - 8080
              Enable Proxy - Make sure the box is ticked
              Injection Method -  GET
              Injection Query/URL -
              Injection Host -
              Injection Line - Press enter 4 times and ok
              Enable Injection - Make sure the box is ticked
              Buffer Size - 8092
              Concurrent Connections - 10
              Log Level - DEBUG
Now, press the back button and all the settings would be saved.

4. Download and Install Autoproxy, open it and click on the + icon and add the following details -
              Proxy Host -
              Proxy Port - 8080
              Proxy Type - HTTP
Now, save it and minimize the App.

5. You are almost through with everything. Now, it's either you subscribe to the BBLITED plan for #70/ day or BBLITEW plan for #350/week or BBLITEM plan for #1000/month. To subscribe to the daily plan, send BBLITED to 21600 or send BBLITEW to 21600 for a week and so on.

6. After subscribing to your preferred plan, you'll receive a message from MTN confirming your subscription, now activate the APN you created in step 2 and switch on your Data plan.

7. Open the Simple Android Server and press the start button, you'll see the Downloaded and Uploaded Stats increasing just as it is in the screenshot above, that means your Phone is now ready to browse and download.

8. This data plan will not work for all the Apps on your phone so to make all the Apps work, open the Autoproxy App, click on the proxy and connect. 

All the Apps on your phone should be working by now.

How can i share my data or network with my friends?

Note: It's not a must that your phone will be rooted first but it’s an added advantage using a rooted Phone. This article features the latest 2015 MTN Simple Server download and settings for PC and Android as well as how to share or tether other phones, devices and PC to your Android MTN Simple Server data connections.

Now that you have configured your phone and you're ready to surf the web and download, you might be thinking about what you can download, here are some tips: ensure you update all the Apps on your phone, download nice games, download your favourite music videos and watch LIVE football matches and DSTV programs on your phone.

Updated: See how to watch LIVE football matches and any DSTVprogram on your phone, using this nice unlimited browsing trick.

Do you like this browsing trick and is it working for you? If Yes, kindly drop me a comment through the comment box and if you are facing any problem with the configuration, let me know and kindly share this post with your friends and tell your friends to share it with their friends.


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