Thursday, 6 August 2015

Learn How To Extend WhatsApp Expiry Date For Free

No doubt WhatsApp is the hottest chatting app in town right now but it comes at a price. Whatsapp has a free one year service which would have to be renewed every year for a fee of $0.99. Actually, the price isn’t the problem (N200 at the rate of $1), but the thing is the mode of payment is where it starts to become inconvenient for users most especially Nigerians. 

No need to uninstall your whatsapp before you gets to enjoy whatsapp benefits and features on your device. I will be teaching you how to renew your whatsapp before its expiry date without paying a dime. What we will be doing roughly is changing your user phone number to another and reversing the process.

Mind you, to renew your whatsapp expiry date for free, you have to do it before it actually gets expired, maybe some days or some weeks before the expiring date.

How To Check Whatsapp Expiry Date

To check your whatsapp expiry date, Open your WhatsApp application, Locate Settings > Account > Payment Info, you will see service expiration at the top of the page, the date is your whatsapp expiry date.

How To Extend WhatsApp Expiry Date
1. You need sim card that hasn’t been associated with a whatsapp account is needed.

2. Open your whatsapp and click settings. (Android users should click the function button to reveal the hidden menu).

3. Click account and navigate to Change number.

4. Enter your current whatsapp number and the new whatsapp number you want to use.

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5. Complete the verification process, it will show “You’ve successfully changed your number” after the process. This will extend your whatsapp expiry date for a year.

Noting to worry, you can still change the number back to your former whatsapp number, I know you will be curious to know how.
To change your whatsapp number back, just follow the above process above to change it back.

6. Now repeat the steps above to change back to your previous phone number.

• If after changing your phone number and your whatsapp expiry date hasn’t been elongated, don’t worry. Just exit the application and reopen.
• This trick works for all versions of whatsapp.

Did you found any of methods or processes above confusing, no need to worry, that’s why we have the comment box below for you. Also, please feel free to ask any questions, if any.

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