Sunday, 2 August 2015

How To Screenshot/Capture Your Computer Screen OR Any Other Image, Document etc While Using Your PC

Over the internet you will see many images of screenshot of PC Desktop, image of Games on PC, Image of document, etc. Today, I want to unfold or teach you the trick behind it and how you can do it easily by yourself, be it any images, write up, document, etc. The image below is the screen shot of my PC screen saver as an example of what am saying. This trick does not require any special software to take the images screenshot from your PC.

Below are the steps to follow to take images screenshot from your PC/Laptop.

Follow these steps
Maybe you are playing Game or you changed your PC screen saver or wallpaper with one beautiful image or you have a document and you want to show your friends the screenshot.
1. On your PC/laptop keyboard, you will see ‘Prt Sc’ key at the top row of your computer keyboard and ‘fn’ key at down row of your computer keyboard, just press both key at the same time.
Note: fn button + Prt Sc button at the same time to screenshot on your PC

2. Open any image editing software on your PC, e.g Paint Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, Fireworks, etc.

3. Just press ‘ctrl + V’ to paste the image and then edit to your taste.

4. Then save and share among your friends.

That all……

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