Friday, 7 August 2015

How To Remove Win32 Trojan Virus That Turns Your Files To Shortcut

Maybe you have been battling with this virus for sometimes now, cost me money, time, mb to get it fixed. In this article, you will learn how to remove win32 Virus that turns your Files to Shortcut. The virus is actually a Trojan. It hides all your files in the removable disk or sometimes in drive c and creates a shortcut link to the hidden files. Once you click on the shortcut, you have activated the Trojan, that is how the virus works.

To remove Win32 Trojan virus.

1. Open task manager, Click on processes and end Wnscript process.

2. Open registry editor by typing REGEDIT on the start menu and click on it.


4. Click on Software, then click on Microsoft, click on Windows, click on Current Version, and finally click on Run.

5. Locate the list on the reference that has .vbs as the file extension and get the location of the file.

6. Delete the file on the file explorer and then come back and delete the reference on the registry editor, the virus is gone.

How to recover your files converted to short cut.
1. Open the folder that contains the corrupted file.

2. Click on tools, then folder options, Select view.

3. Click on Hidden files and folders and select Show hidden files, folders and drives.

4. Unselect hide extension for known file types.

5. Unselect hide protected operating system files.

6. Click ok.

Your hidden files will now appear. Copy the files to a safe location.

You are done……..

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