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How to Receive Money Anywhere in the World

Online merchants and individuals especially in different countries in this world, e.g places like Africa, India, U.S.A or Asia have grappled with online payment solutions on how to receive their affiliate earnings or merchant payouts. Most entrepreneurs who do their daily business either through websites, e-commerce deals or personal shopping need through experienced and trusted operators and these operators should be able to offer payment solutions and guaranteeing the merchant and buyers transaction security and prompt delivery. In this article, i will show you companies whose only function is payment solutions, either for individuals or cop rate organizations.

Below are some of the global payment companies that you can find online

PayPal Global

PayPal is a Global payment solution that offers secure merchant and individual transactions via credit, debit or bank account by using their advanced payment platform.
The global e commerce giant is one of the most widely used payment solutions that process online transactions of over 4.5 billion yearly.
The company has the standard, advanced and pro accounts, they accept pay online, accept payment in store or websites. They do online invoicing and a mobile card reader for merchants.
Some more services are PayPal checkout, virtual terminal, digital card reader bill retailer, fundraiser platform and other specialized solutions.


Authorize.Net is a payment gateway with 3000,000 merchants that accept payment via credit card and e check.
They manage credit card transactions with ISO and MPS, established in 1996 they are one of the top payment solutions providers.
They have managed billions of transactions through their processing network which offers online merchants easy transactions. There fluid service delivery is because they are a subsidiary of the global payment giant VISA.
The payment provider coordinate and manage electronic checkout transactions online business services like settlement of transaction and remittance of funds.They also provide value added tools that enable seamless transactions in a secure, safe and reliable platform.

Wepay make their money from the charges of service fee and a percentage of the sum collected, they operate a three tire system. Bank payouts are when there is payment directly to a bank this attracts 1%+$0.30, payout through credit card attracts 2.9% + 0.30, Hosed page- 2%. Check clearance also has its own percentage ratio which is reasonable.

Payoneer is a financial service that deals in electronic commerce; it was founded in network in 2005 and has handled millions of transactions daily. Payoneer is an accredited master card provider that provides seamless electronic payment services worldwide.
Their services include online payments, international money transfer, and prepared debit card for merchants, individuals.

The company is service specific focusing on payment solutions for the remittance of affiliate earnings though their master debit card, mass payment of staff, local electronic fund transfer. You can collect your affiliate earning from any country in the world through their master card at any automated teller machine ATM. They also have the EFT merchant account and payout program.

Other services they render are virtual cards, mail order and local transfer, They can even fund your account in local currency by issuing out checks in your local currency, thereby eliminating the need for domiciliary accounts to lodge in foreign checks.


With Dwolla you can send money online at a very little percentage, the company was founded in 2008 and covers online payments and mobile payment network.
Its services include and not limited to instant money transfer/transactions through their automated clearing house, use a bank account based system, caters to bit coin and digital currency users and charges a flat rate of $0.25 per transaction .
Any thing over $10. Credit card transactions attract 3.5% on the total volume of transaction.


Adyen payment solutions is a top global multichannel payment company that offers payment services to merchants both large or small,. The company is known for its outsourcing payment solutions where merchants can easily accept payment anywhere in the world.

The service can help affiliate earners who have struggled to collect their online earnings this company is an easy way to get that money.

Their services include and not limited to credit card payment solutions, debit card payment, bank transfers and real time banking solutions such as internet banking.
They use of their services through their ATM cards you can redraw money anywhere in the world in over 230 countries.

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