Monday, 17 August 2015

How To Label Or Categorize Your Post Before Publishing

Are you blogging under blogger and you don't group your post post into label or category? Then this post is for you. Whether you have created your post already or you want to create it now, you can always group them all into one label or category. If you have already published some posts which were not categorized and would like to group them under labels, read How to add all your published post under labels or catergory in blogger.

How To Add Your Post To Labels Before Publishing
If you don’t know how to create new post in blogger, please read How to create new post to your blog.
After composing your blog post, group it under label or catergory before publishing or saving it in draft to publish latter. To do this,
1. Go to post setting at the right side of your post editor and click on labels.

2. Then enter the name of the category or label you want or pick the one you want from the ones below and click on it.

3. Click Done. Your post will be grouped under it after publishing.

If you want to customize your label or category to your test, then read

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