Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tethering/Connecting Android to Pc Using Tecno Android Phone As Modem On Your Computer To Browse

To connect Android phone to PC/Laptop is one major problem some people do encounter. With the widely spread and recognition of the very affordable Android phones, it is becoming increasing necessary to know to how to connect your Android phone to PC/Laptop. 

Buying modem to use on your computer is an extra cost for those using any Android phone. In this post I will share with you how you can use any android phone (e.g Tecno) as modem on your computer using USB connection, Bluetooth Hotspot and Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

For Java phone user e,g Nokia product, when you want to use Nokia phone as modem on your computer, you will first download Nokia Pc Suite or Nokia Ovi Suite software and install it then you connect through it to the internet using your phone USB cable or Bluetooth. But since the arrival of Android phone, no any software you can install on your laptop/pc to connect to the internet but there are still other ways /methods to connect your android phones to computer/laptop to browse the internet. 

You can share your android data connection with your computer through tethering which can be achieve through Bluetooth Hotspot for computers that has Bluetooth, Portable Wi-fi hotspot that create Wi-Fi Hotspot that upto eight computers can be connected to it and also direct sharing of internet using USB cable.

Below are the connection types
For USB Tethering Connection
Follow these steps
1.     Connect one side of your USB cable to your computer/laptop, then connect the other side to your Android Phone Click on Menu on your phone.

2.     Go to Settings Click on More

3.     Scroll down and select Tethering and Portable Hotspot

4.     Check USB Tethering
Your android phone will establish a connection with your computer/laptop

For Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Tethering Connection.
Follow these steps
1.     Click on Menu on your phone.

2.     Goto Settings and click on it.

3.     Click on More.

4.     Scroll down and select Tethering and Portable Hotspot.

5.     Check Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot/Portable WLAN Hotspot.

6.     Scroll down to Configure Wi-Fi hotspot. Click on it

7.     Click on WPA2 PSK and create your network name and password to protect your network.

8.     Then save it.

9.     Click the Network icon to connect to your phone data plan.

For Bluetooth Tethering Connection.
Follow these steps
1.     Turn on the Bluetooth of your Pc/Laptop

2.     Now from your Phone Click Menu. Goto Settings.

3.     Switch/power On your Android phone and PC/Laptop Bluetooth

4.     Click on Start on your computer.

5.     Goto Devices and Printers

6.     Select Add a Device

7.     Choose your Android Phone from the list and click Next to pair your phone.

8.     Go Back to your phone

9.     Select Tethering and portable hotspot

10. Check/Tick Bluetooth Tethering to share your phone internet connection.

That all……….

Note: All the above conection type is applicable to any Smartphone e.g Android, iPhones, Tablets, Window phone, etc

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