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Nigerian Postal Services | How To Get All Nigeria States, Cities And Communities Postal / Zip Codes

Most Nigerians don’t really know their area postal codes, and this is always required when filling applications online, including other manual application like Job/work, someone can even ask you maybe during interview or exam. 

Today you will learn about Nigeria postal services, its benefits and how you can get the Postal/Zip code of your streets, communities, L.G.A, streets and state. As a Nigerian, it is mandatory and important that you know the Postal code of your community or the place you are residing at the moment.

Nigerian Postal Services

Postal code (also known as post code or postcode in various countries) is a series of letter or digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

Postal / Zip codes are required to make locating a post office near you easier, so that your letters and packages can be easily delivered. It is used to group areas in a city and makes the postman's job a lot easier finding residential / office addresses.

Nigeria Postal codes consist of six numbers. Nigeria is divided into nine regions by the Nigerian Postal Service. The first digit of the code represents the region while the second and the third digits combined with the first are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting.

Nigerian Postal Services still works despite internet / email and the other Big names in the Business (DHL, UPS, FEDEX) taking over delivery of letters and packages faster. The NPS still offer P.O Box address amongst other services for individuals and corporations.

Here's how to find your postal / Zip code in Nigeria:
1. Visit the New Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Website http://www.nigeriapostcode.com.ng and select Urban Postal code search for cities or Rural postal code search for villages/communities. Check your postal codes online.

2. Select required State, Town / Local Government Area, community and finally click
GET POST CODE button and your correct postal / zip will be shown to you (See image below)

  • Each main postal head office in every region has a postal code that ends with 000001. For instance, Garki main Head Office in Abuja postal code is 970001, Ikeja main Head Office in Lagos postal code is 100001, Lokoja in Kogi postal code is 270001 and Port Harcourt postal code is 500001.
  • The international Zip or dialing code for Nigeria is +234

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