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How to Remove AVG Secure Search from Computer

AVG is a good Antivirus and Internet Security program, no doubt. But the annoying thing I felt when using AVG Internet Security on my computer was it's integration into Web browsers. AVG integrates with your Web browsers and replaces the current home page to their own 'AVG Secure Search' and also makes other changes to all the browsers installed. AVG Secure search isn't a virus and won't harm your system, however it has malicious traits like Browser Hijacking capabilities, System root access etc. 

It greatly interferes and spoils the user experience. It is annoying sometimes and almost good for nothing.
Below is a screenshot of AVG Secure search page.

How to Remove AVG Secure Search Homepage from Computer
The process is simple but can be complicated for people who are new to computers and possess a minimal knowledge, but I have written everything in a step by step format with easy instructions.
1. Removing Toolbar and Program from Computer
Step 1: Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

Step 2: From the program list, search for AVG Secure Search Toolbar or program with same name. Uninstall it from your computer.
(This will not remove AVG Antivirus, if installed)

2. Removing from Browsers
Once you've uninstalled AVG Secure Search from your computer. It's time to remove it from your browsers. Follow the below guide for your browser.

1. Remove AVG Secure Search on Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Chrome, Go to Menu > Tools > Extensions.

Step 2: Disable or Remove AVG SafeGuard Toolbar Extension.

Step 3: Go to Menu > Settings

Step 4: Scroll down to Search tab and click on Manage Search Engines button.

Step 5: Replace AVG Secure Search to your favorite Search Engine, make sure that you click the 'Make Default' button.

Step 6: Go to Settings, scroll to On Startup tab. Choose 'Open the New Tab page' option.

Done! Now restart Google Chrome and AVG Secure Search will disappear. You've successfully removed it from chrome.

2. How to Remove AVG Secure Search on Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open Firefox, Go to Add-ons page and Uninstall AVG SafeGuard Toolbar.

Step 2: Change Browser Homepage by visiting, Firefox menu > Options >General tab.

You can simply reset Firefox to default. This will completely remove AVG Secure Search from Mozilla Firefox.

3. How to Remove AVG Secure Search on Internet Explorer

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer, click on settings (small gear icon) > go to internet options.

Step 2: Go to Advanced tab and click on Reset.

Step 3: Tick on Delete personal settings and click on Reset.

Step 4: Once Internet Explorer finishes resetting, click on Ok and restart Internet Explorer.

if you followed the above listed steps properly then by now the AVG Secure search must have bid farewell. I hope this tutorial was helpful but at any point if you are confused then leave a comment and I will surely get back to you.

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