Friday, 24 July 2015

How to Increase Your Speaker Volume & Incoming Call Volume With MTK Engineering Mode App

Today, I have one simple and interesting post/tutorial on how you can increase and decrease your smartphones Speaker Volume & incoming Call volume with MTK Engineering Mode. MTK devices have come a very long way in its features that really help a lot, not only for changing any smartphones imei to BB imei. As you may know, most MTK devices speaker volume or incoming calls volume seems to be very poor; it can’t be compared to that of Blackberry. So today, I’ll show you how to increase your speaker volume and your incoming call volume. 

Note: This tutorial is just for MTK phone users.
Read How To know If Your Android Phone Is An MTK device, to know if the smartphone (Android) phone using you are currently using is a product from MTK

How can i Increase and decrease the Speaker Volume & Incoming of Call with My MTK Phone?
==> Engineering mode MTK App

==> Patience in following this guide.

1. How Can I Increase my Speaker Volume?

==> Open Engineering mode MTK (download and install it from play store)

==> Click on “Engineering mode (MTK)"

==> Swipe to “Hardware Testing” and select Audio

==> Select loud speaker mode. You’ll find Max volume value 128, set it to 145 and hit the set button

Note: You can set this value upto 160 if you want but it’s mostly recommended you set it maximally to 150 in order to safe guard your speaker. To increase your incoming call volume, repeat the same procedures for Sip, Mic, Sph, Sph2, Sid and Media.
Once you are done with this, hit the set button and you are good to go.

For Non MTK Android Users just Download Speaker Boost from Play store and enjoy the same as MTK users. You can also increase or reduce your speaker and call volume to your satisfaction from the side of your phone.

That all……….

I know some people will find this whole process confusing, but no need to worry, that’s why we have the comment box below for you.

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