Friday, 3 July 2015

How To Generate Blackberry IMEI For Your Android Phone

It is sad seeing some Android and iPhone users unable to use/enjoy Glo BIS on their device, the same way other are enjoying their own. Although for the iPhone and Android users, your own case seems classical, unlike Blackberry Users. Today, I will want to share with you the most important and the first time you must do before you can use GLO BIS on your Android phone/device.

However, the first important thing you must do is to generate the Blackberry IMEI for your Android device, which you can do by yourself, after reading this post.

How to Generate Blackberry IMEI For your Android Device/Phone
In other to generate a unique blackberry imei number for your android phone, follow any of these methods below.
Method one
1. Google for IMEI generator, download it to your PC/Laptop or you can Download Here or Download Here

2. Unzip the software then copy and paste the three .sys files inside a folder on your C:\Windows folder

3. Double click on GIPv4.1 to run the file as administrator.

4. Click on generate imei. Then copy all the blackberry imei number you see there without the pin except if you want to use it for another purpose. Save it in a separate folder in your PC/Laptop, wait for the next step which I will share here, in my subsequent post.

Method two
1. Go to your Android Google Play store, search for IMEI Generator, and select the first or the third Bb IMEI Generator. Download and Install it to your Android phone.

2. Open the installed Bb IMEI Generator, click on Generate Bb IMEI, copy down the Bb 
IMEI generated. Save it somewhere or you can just copy it down with pen and paper. Wait for the next step which I will share here, in my subsequent post.

Generating Bb IMEI is very simple, if you find it difficult to generate the Bb IMEI for your Android phone, just make use of the comment box below to say it, I will help you to do so.

That all……..

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