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How to Format Tecno N3 Android Phone: Tecno N3

Tecno N3 has been one of the best Android phones currently in the market. Among the cheapest android Smartphone you can see around, Tecno N3 is one of the best and very affordable in terms of price. Tecno is a low cost Android Smartphone targeted at consumers on very high tight budget.  When using these amazing devices, we are sometimes prone to make some changes to them that if care is not taken properly; we end up losing the device.

In case if you have mishandled your phone and you need to format or restore it to factory settings, here i will share with you how to format your tecno android phone or how to flash your tecno n3 without using a computer at ease and simple way.

So How can i Format Tecno N3 or any Tecno Device Easily?
When you have messed up with your tecno device, you may not necessary take it to some guys to extort money from you, all you have to do is this.
1. Switch of the phone first.

2. Press and hold the Power key and the Volume Up key at the same time and wait until you see a Menu appear on the screen before you release it.

3. On the Menu, you will see an option that shows DATA WIPE/FACTORY RESET.

4. Use the volume keys to scroll down and select the DATA WIPE/FACTORY RESET with the Power key.

5. Another Menu option will appear and you will see a series of NO's arranged vertically so scroll down with the help of your volume key and find DELETE ALL USER DATA.

6. Then use the Power key to select it and wait for the process to finish.

7. When it is done, you will be taken to the first Menu then scroll to REBOOT PHONE NOW and use the Power Key to Select the option and wait for your phone to REBOOT.

Congratulations! If you follow the steps correctly, your tecno android phone will now be restored to factory settings.

NB: Make sure you understand these steps very well before you decide to format your device. Also note that all your data will be gone.

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