Monday, 27 July 2015

How To Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Z3, Q5, 9900, 9800

WhatsApp as we know is one the best and biggest messenger you can use right now. Some people might be wondering on how to install WhatsApp on your BB devices or you must have had some difficulty in installing WhatsApp on your BlackBerry. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple. Today, I will share with you two methods to download, install and enjoy WhatsApp on your BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Z3, Q5, 9900, 9800 devices and other BlackBerry devices/phone too, without much stress.

Use the following steps to use WhatsApp for BlackBerry.
Method 1
1. Open Appworld in your Blackberry (you can find it in your BB Menu).

2. In the search option in App World, type ‘WhatsApp’ and search.

Note: It might be a little bit confusing for you to find the legitimate WhatsApp as there are many applications named WhatsApp in the store. Just Check out the logo of the app (WhatsApp) and also the publisher, it should be “WhatsApp Inc.”

3. Once you got it, press the install button, WhatsApp will be installed on your BB.

Method 2
1. Open your web browser, and navigate to

2. You’ll see the WhatsApp’s official website, in that click on the Download button.

3. After download is complete, install it. Done!

That’s how you can install WhatsApp on any BlackBerry devices. This method will work on all BlackBerry devices including Z10, Q10, Z3, Q5, Passport and old models such as 9930, 9900, 9800, 9630, 9520, 9550 and many more.

Note: If you can't install WhatsApp on your BlackBerry z10, read I can't install WhatsApp on my BlackBerry z10

Have fun using WhatsApp on your BlackBerry device.

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