Monday, 6 July 2015

How to Change HTC Android Devices IMEI To BB IMEI

To Change the IMEI of your HTC Android phone/device to Blackberry IMEI, it involves advance knowledge, but is simple. Today, am going to share with you, how you can change the IMEI of your HTC Android devices, to Blackberry IMEI, yourself. You must successfully change the IMEI of Android phone to Blackberry IMEI, before you can use the GLO BIS (3GB for N1000) on your HTC Android phone. 

Today, you will learn how you can change the IMEI of your HTC Android phone to BB IMEI.

Disclaimer: Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and I will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall the changer.

Note: Remember to write down your original IMEI number and keep it safe. Also, backup your original IMEI incase anything goes wrong, then revert using the below procedures for changing it. Dial *#06#, you will see your Sim/phone IMEI number, copy it somewhere safe.

Note: First of all, your HTC Android phone must be rooted. Check >>here<< for the recommended method of rooting HTC Devices and you must also Generate your BB IMEI.

How to Change your HTC Android Devices IMEI To BB IMEI
1. Google and Download Android SDK Tools to your PC.

2. Go to bootloader by putting off your HTC Phone then power it on while holding the volume down button and it will boot to the bootloader, connect your phone to your PC with your cable and click on Fastboot. The volume is used to navigate and the power 
button is used to select your option.

3. From Fastboot, click on computer and search "cmd". It will open the command prompt window.

4. Then type "fastboot getvar imei" it will display your current imei. Type "fastboot oem (write imei 35xxxx)" the 35xxx stands for the Blackberry imei you want to use. You will get a success report. Now you can reboot your phone and enjoy your new IMEI.

5. Check your imei using this code *#06# if it has change. If you follow up the entire step above, you will find out that your HTC Android phone IMEI has changed, and it must start with 35xxxxxxxxxxxxx. You are done

For any other Android devices or phone, please read How to Change IMEI of Any Android Devices

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