Friday, 24 July 2015

How To Add Recent Posts Widget for Blogger with Thumbnails Using Blogger Gadget API

Adding recent post to my blog is one of the things I encountered some days back until I came across the solution here. I followed up the procedure and I was able to add recent post to my blog at ease. This Widget displays recent posts from your blog in Sidebar or anywhere you choose to place it. The display can be customized just like other widgets like Popular and Random Posts Widgets. Adding this Gadget is much easier, even to configure it. 

The screenshot below shows the various options available in the Gadget.

Brief explanation of some of the Options
==> Title – Just type Recent Post 

==> Maximum Length of Post Title – If the post title is more than this length (in characters), then the rest of it will be chopped off. If you don’t want to show the post title, set this to 0

==> Summary Length – The Gadget can display a excerpt of the Post. If the excerpt is longer than the summary length, then the rest will be chopped off.

==> Feed – Summary Feeds will be faster. You can change to Full Feed if you need YouTube Thumbnails, but it would be slower.

==> Blog URL: This should be the URL of a blogger Blog. If you are installing the Widget on the same blog then you can leave this field blank . This field is useful for those who have multiple blogs..

==> Show Default Thumbnail – If this option is selected, and your post doesn’t have an image, then a default image will be displayed.

==> Thumbnail Margin – You can set a 5px margin to the image, so that the thumbnail stays apart from the post summary. You can override the margin by selecting No.(You can then manually style it using CSS)

==> Sorting – Helps you in displaying the recently published posts or recently updated posts from the featured Label.

==> Grid Layout – This button will automatically adjust the settings to give you a grid like layout.

How to add HTML/JavaScript Widget for Recent Posts Gadget Using the Blogger Gadget API
This is the HTML/JavaScript Version of the above Gadget. This one has greater customizability and will properly blend with your Blog styles.

1. Now to add the recent post to your blog, click here, follow that link to make changes to your test.

2. Click Add Gadget to my Blog.

3. Go to your blog dashboard layout, you will see it there. You can drag it and place it to the place of your choice.

4. if you follow up it well, as stated above, view your blog homepage and see for yourself.

That all……..

It’s as easy as that, if you follow up the procedures well, you will add recent post widget to your blog successfully. Are there any other methods you wish to share with other readers? Let us know via the comments box below.

Also I know some people will find this whole process confusing, but no need to worry, that’s why we have the comment box below for you.

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