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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria And Worldwide Via Konga Affiliate Program

I believe is not something new to most internet addicted, especially those who have a passion for making money through the internet. This post will be a benefit to those who are not yet aware of it and those that are aware too but are confuse over somethings. 

I have come to realize that lots of people now know the benefit of buying goods online as it's saves you from the stress of visiting different stores. Majority of online stores offers prices that are much lower than what you will find at a physical store. 

Shopping online allows you to find many products that you wouldn’t be able to find in a physical store and many more. is one of the best and trusted website to shop online in Nigeria. Many online business men and women in Nigeria have being smiling to their banks for joining konga.

What is Konga Affiliate Program?
KongaAffiliate Program is an affiliate program in Nigeria that allows you to make money online by selling products via promoted banners for a commission. Konga Affiliate Program is a legit way to make cool money on the internet, you don’t need to stress yourself, all you need to do is simply sign up for the Konga affiliate program, wait to be approved, once approved, start promoting and advertising their products on various platforms, for example on a website, on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, BBM and other social media platform. Just sit down and relax while your hard work makes money for you and smiling to the bank every second Friday of the month, if your Konga Payout threshold reach 10k, as a beginner.

Why Konga Affiliate Program?
The idea of Konga affiliate program is quite simple, All you need to do is to send visitors to via a special link (called ‘affiliate link’) which is embedded inside your Konga Affiliate Link, once anyone buys anything from through your Affiliate Link, you will get your commission. Your commission will be paid to the bank account provided during registration for the affiliate program.

How Do I Get Started?
1. Go directly to Konga Affiliate Page Here, scroll down to the button Menu and click on "Become an Affiliate" then click on “Signup“ to see the Registration Form.

2. Carefully fill the form by providing the accurate information where required. Provide your website/blog URL, but if you do not own a website/blog, you can simply use one of your social media account url, like Facebook or Twitter and remember to specify your website/blog type.

3. When filling the payout method, make sure your bank details are correct. Your commissions will be paid to you via “Bank Wire”, so ensure to correctly enter your payout information and accept the “Terms and Conditions” and click the “Signup” button to complete your sign up.

4. You will receive an email from Konga congratulating you for joining the Konga Affiliate Program, after two or three days because Konga will manually review your application and approve or decline your application. Although they often approve registrations if you have a website/blog or a good social media influence if you are using your social media profile as your site.

5. On approval another email will be sent to you with your affiliate login details and login URL from your affiliate manager. This is what you will see in your inbox:
You application have been approved and you can login using the following link: Affiliate login

6. Follow the link in the mail sent to you. Login to your Konga affiliate dashboard with your Email address and the Password sent to you.

7. Edit your Profile and your personal information. Change the default password to something you can easily remember.

Now Creating Affiliate Links for Konga Products is where I think people find difficult. It’s very easy to create Konga affiliate links, I would be showing you step by step on how to create your Konga affiliate link to promote Konga products.

1. Once you have login to your Konga affiliate dashboard, click on “Banner and Links”.

2. Click on campaign filter and choose any Konga product you want to promote and advertise, select “Channel”, simply create a new channel for every link placement you want. In banners you can choose to get the link version with channel appended. The channel parameter will be transferred also to the tracked commission, so you will know exactly what link led to the commission. Now select a product category and click on “Apply” to show the banners and links for that particular category of product you choose.

3. Scroll down to see various banner sizes and designs, Select the banner size design you want and click on “Get banner code”, copy the code and create a widget in your blog/website admin control panel and save it.

4. Login to your blog/website, you will see Konga advert there.

1. You can choose from, all varieties of Konga campaign products to promote and advertise. The commission percentage and payout rates allocated to each product category are different.

2. Enable your email notifications, because Konga will always notify you via email when anyone buys a product on through your affiliate link and the commission percentage earned from the sale of that particular product. You will be notified when the status of the orders changes from “Pending” to “Approved” and even wen declined. You only get paid when an order is “approved.

3. Konga Payout threshold is from 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k, 30k and 100k. Choose the 10k payout threshold for a start so you won’t have to miss a payment, even when you have made over 10k on your commission account. Konga affiliate payments are made on the second Friday of the new month after you have reached the payout threshold. So if you chose 10k payment threshold and you made a 10k commission for the month, you should be expecting your payment on the second Friday of the next month. Remember to enter your bank account details on your profile page to receive your commissions when it is due.

4. Ensure whatever products you promote matches your website/blog niche if you choose to promote Konga products on your website/blog.

Finally, if you have done everything required, as I have started it clearly above. I will say congratulation; you have successfully become a Konga affiliate marketer! Now it’s time to promote and advertise Konga products on your website/blog, social media platforms and emails. You can promote Konga products via posts or banner/text ads on your Blog or Website and also on social media platforms, like postings Konga banner ads on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, BBM other social media network.

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  1. thanks alot for this it possible to place their products on blog and also facebook with same email and bank account?

  2. Yes ofcus
    Use share button after making urs choice of ads to share it to ur Facebook wall. I hope u understand me???


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