Monday, 8 June 2015

How to make free calls: WhatsApp free Voice Calling

It’s finally here the long waited WhatsApp Voice Calling feature for WhatsApp users. The WhatsApp Voice Calling is similar to Skype, Viber, and Yahoo Messenger, just that no video calling feature yet. WhatsApp voice calling enables it users to be able to make free voice calling from member to member or friend to friend, as long as they are connected to the internet. In this post, I will teach you how to make free voice calls to your whatsapp friends and loved ones.

This latest voice calling feature has taken Whatsapp to another peak of success. Currently, millions of Whatsapp users worldwide are enjoying this new Whatsapp feature. There is a scope of using this feature by many users and many can interact with each other using WhatsApp voice calling. I believe there are many users who are not very much acquaint with the process of enabling this on their Smartphones. 

Therefore, today am going to teach you how to activate and Enable the WhatsApp Voice Calling on your Smartphone. Just follow this simple steps outlined below to start making voice calls to your WhatsApp friends and loved ones.

1.  Your friend must have enabled the voice calling too on his or her Smartphone phone.
2. You and your friends or loved ones can only make free calls using Whatsapp ones both sides have enabled the voice calling.
3. You and the person you wished to call must connect to internet first (i e both must be online) and both of you need strong Internet connection to get clear audibility.
4. You must have active subscription i.e you must have Megabyte(MB) in your phone.

Below are the steps which you supposed to followed in order to enable Whatsapp voice calling on your Smartphone.
Step 1: Get the latest version of WhatsApp on your Phone. You can get the latest version from your Smartphone OS App Store or Google play store. Download or Upgrade it from your play store.

Step 2: Ones it is downloaded, install it on your Phone and it will automatically add the voice calling feature to your account.

Step: Now, you need to go to your Contacts and find a friend who has enabled this feature already, then you will see a Call button there. Simply tap on it and start making voice calls.
That simple and straight forward.

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