Monday, 1 June 2015

How to create WordPress blog. is a free of cost Blogging service for people who want to Blog without spending single penny, it uses WordPress CMS for management. If you want to start a Free blog you should Choose for that, Let me explain you further. provides free subdomain to its users. Subdomain is something like this: “”, In the place of subdomain you can choose any name you want if it is not already taken, For Example: if I want a free blog I will choose something like “”.
You can make a number of Free Blogs with your account, you just have to sign up to for starting a free of cost blog.
If you want to host your blog with with custom Domain name like ““, you can do that but you’ll have to pay little bit more than you will pay any other hosting provider and Domain name registrar.

What is CMS?
CMS Stands for Content Management System. Websites are made up of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and many other Web Programming languages. Typically working you have to code each and every web page which takes too long. CMS Helps you to create, Edit, Publish, and manage your all website’s web pages in very organized, Clean and easy way.
Content Management systems are themselves made up of different Programming languages like PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, Javascript, etc. There are many Content Management systems out there but i recommend WordPress (I am going to explain this later) which is mostly used CMS in the world.

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