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How To Backup and Restore Android Device Using ClockWorkMod Recovery

To Backup and restore Android device is one major problem Android phone users don encounter. Each time you decide to perform operations on your Android powered device the data saved on its storage memory or even on its SD card might be wiped out. Furthermore, if you want to do things more complicated like flashing a custom ROM, install unofficial updates, or beta firmware, you can wreck (brick) the phone’s system.

But, there is a way in which you can avoid all these unfortunate aspects. You can make a full backup before starting the main process; and I’m not referring to any backup as you should save your current ROM first.

Note: Make sure you read all the lines for understanding the concept and for completing a full and safe backup of your ROM. Also you will learn how to install and use CWM, so don’t skip sections of the tutorial.

How to Backup and Restore your Android device Using ClockWorkMod Recovery (CMW)
1.     First, you should root your device as you cannot install ClockWorkMod Recovery on an un-rooted handset. Check my previous posts on how to root your Android phone, as you can find a how to root guide suitable for your device.

2.     Then, after rooting the handset you must go on Google Play via your Android device and search for the ROM Manager app.

3.     Download and Install it.

4.     Then open the tool.

5.     Select the “flash ClockWorkMod Recovery” option.

6.     Select “Backup Current ROM” and follow the prompts.

7.     The backup will be completed once you reboot the smartphone.

8.     Now, if you decide to install a custom ROM into the system and something wrong happens just restore the backed up firmware by opening the app again and choosing “Manage and Restore Backup” and then “Restore”.

9.     You will have the old OS as soon as you reboot the device.

So, there you have it; that’s how you can backup the current ROM before flashing a custom ROM, or update your Android device with an unofficial firmware, and this by using the ClockWorkMod Recovery tool.
ClockWorldMod (CWM) is the best and safe tool for Android backup and restore, there may be other there. 

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